A Blessed Adventure

Welcome to A Blessed Adventure!  That’s what this life is, right?  So many exciting, and scary, and challenging things have happened over the past few years for me and my family.  I want to document and share them with friends, family and prayerfully newfound friends who happen upon this blog.  I want to dive in and ask questions and learn from the world, and I want to share big and little things I learn so we can all learn to love one another better one day at a time.  Actually in our home, one moment at a time.  Be patient.  This is a learning curve for me, and I don’t want it to be a distraction from actual living.  I value each one of you, and I’m excited for whatever God leads this blog to be.  Whether it is a fun way to document my family’s life since I stink at scrapbooking or whether it is a way to reach out and learn how to love others better.

As one of my favorite pastors always says,

Blessings and favor,



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